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Specialize Grooming Services

Specialize in all breed standard cuts or owner’s personal preference. We recommend regular grooming every 4-8 weeks to prevent matting of the fur.

Bath and trim is a great way to keep your pet looking good and smelling clean in-between grooming appointments

  • Trimming of the face, eyes, ears and tail, removing hair out of the pads so there is no slipping and sliding on floors, sanitary areas and rounding of the feet
Puppy Intro-A great way for your new puppy to get used to the grooming world so we can help make each one of their life-long grooming experiences happy and comfortable

  • Gentle puppy bath, brush out, trimming of the face, eyes, ears and tail, rounding of the feet, sanitary areas and hair removal out of pads so there’s no more sliding on floors and they are able to run around your house with ease!


All pets are bathed in natural, non-toxic, biodegradable shampoos and conditioners. We offer medicated shampoos for pets that need a little extra TLC for their coat.  

Cleaning of the ears, plucking of ear hair (if necessary), spritz of cologne (unless otherwise noted) and nail filing is all included in your pets grooming

Each pet is rewarded with a delicious liver treat at the end of their grooming before going home (unless otherwise noted).

Additional services
  • Nail filing at no additional cost
  • External anal gland expression at no additional cost
  • Deskunk shampoo treatments
  • Flea and tick shampooing (please note: if your dog has fleas we are forced to automatically give your pet a tick/flea bath, additional fee applies)
  • Furminating to remove access undercoat 
Please note:
Prices are subject to change based on breed, size, coat and temperament 
Additional fees may apply for dematting  

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